About Hallins

For almost 100 years, Hallins Verkstäder has been manufacturing and developing a wide range of products in aluminum, steel and stainless steel. Sheet metal processing has always been a common thread in the company's production and since the 1950s we have specialized in stainless steel production. Today, we are a state-of-the-art engineering industry with about 80 employees and a turnover of about SEK 100 million.

AB Hallins Verkstäder was founded by Fritz Hjalmar Hallin in Stockholm in 1922. Three generations later, the company is still owned and run by the Hallin family, now headed by Tommy and Christer. During the 1960s, the company moved to Ödeshög, where most of the business still exists. In addition to the business in Ödeshög, we also have a subsidiary in the Czech Republic with 10 employees since 2017.

Our goal and vision is to be a leading supplier in all our business areas and with top quality in everything we do. We are professional and reliable and work long-term in all our customer relationships.

The business is divided into three business areas:

  • Large kitchens - We manufacture a wide range of products for professional kitchens, mainly our own-made serving trolleys, hot plates and food transport equipment from the Temptainer brand. We complement these self-made products with a range of products with strong brands such as professional micro ovens from Samsung, all machines for a professional kitchen from Zanussi, etc. Today we can supply everything needed for a professional kitchen in one delivery.
  • Lifting trolleys - We manufacture a complete range of mobile and rechargeable lifting trolleys and lifting accessories with a lifting capacity of 50 to 250 kg. These lifting trolleys are sold under the two brands Newton and Reflex.
  • Industry - Here we work mainly with customers in the pharmaceutical industry, medical technology and food industry. A common denominator for these is that they are customers with high demands on quality, qualified craftsmanship, high finish and production technology. The projects range from qualified stainless steel products to complex system assignments with mechatronics. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), ISO 9001 and ISO14001 are self-evident and well implemented in daily operations.

The activities and products are presented in more detail on other pages of the website.

Our values - driving customer value and success

For almost 100 years, we at Hallins Group have been a reliable and experienced partner for our customers. The company's journey has been characterized by our core values, which both shape our everyday life and drive us towards continuous improvement. Hallins' core values consist of four pillars: Commitment, Quality, Development and Security.

Engagement at Hallins means being fully present in every project. By being responsive, unpretentious and encouraging, we aim to solve problems in a way that exceeds expectations. Every client contact is an opportunity to show how much we care - not only about our work, but also about our clients' success.

Quality is at the heart of Hallins. We don't just deliver what we promise; we strive to include and communicate in a way that creates value. Working with constructive feedback and praise ensures that we constantly raise the standard of what is possible.

Development is at the heart of our success. By daring to try new ideas, asking questions and being open to new impressions, we create an environment where both our employees and customers continuously grow and develop.

Security comes from honesty and respect. We treat each other and our customers with care, and by always keeping our promises, we create a foundation of trust and stability.

At Hallins Group, we work together to achieve these values in our daily work. Through respectful and thoughtful actions, we work towards our common goals and success, both for us and for our customers.

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