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We think outside the box before we build it

Stainless steel and production technology are our hardware. Commitment, creativity and craftsmanship are our software. Our approach is to twist and turn tasks, together with our client, to see the possibilities from new perspectives.

Products with high demands on finish, hygiene and tightness

Mass-produced products

Advanced specialty products

Production technology

Most of the projects we undertake involve a combination of manual and automated production. This means that we can work flexibly and with optimal methods from one-off production to medium-sized series. Sheet metal processing is one of our specialties, which also leaves its mark on our machinery, with resources for laser cutting and sheet metal bending, for example.

Our stainless steel sheet metal workshop has all the resources to produce advanced products, such as prototypes, one-offs or short runs. Another of our specialties is lightweight structures with polyurethane foaming, which is based on our own product development.

System manufacturing

Bringing together several stages of the production chain with one supplier is often an effective way to save resources and increase cost efficiency. As a system manufacturer, we offer turnkey solutions that include stainless steel manufacturing of components and subsystems, as well as assembly and testing of mechanics, electronics, hydraulics and pneumatics. We also undertake logistics management and overall functional responsibility for products and systems. In the projects, we use, if desired, the control procedures required for CE-marked products.

Special crafts

In times where machine manufacturing and automation are standard, we are proud
to be able to offer genuine craftsmanship. In our manual production, we build the most advanced products, often with very high demands on, for example, finish, hygiene and tightness in the execution. Our employees are specialists in their fields, which include advanced welding, pipe bending and cutting. In Hallin's manual manufacturing, professional pride is an important part of quality assurance.

Competence center

At Hallins, you get access to a complete competence center for the development, design and manufacture of products where stainless steel, but also aluminum, is at the center. We are happy to be involved in development projects from the start, to contribute with production solutions and we then participate in the entire development chain, from prototype to series production. Through advanced assignments for the pharmaceutical and food industries, among others, we have built up a valuable bank of knowledge and experience that will be useful in new projects. We apply the rules of GMP, Good Manufacturing Practice, and our quality systems comply with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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