Temptainer is the new generation of high-quality stainless steel boxes from Hallins. The aim is the same as before - to create the very best conditions for preserving all the values of good food, all the way from kitchen to table. The right temperature with low energy consumption and the right design for perfect hygiene and a healthy working environment are the most important things.

Carpet transport trolleys with logo and pictures

Foil your Temptainer

Why not spruce up your food transport trolley, either with full foil or your logo. Contact us at Hallins for more information.


A flexible way to transport food

It's easy to fall in love with Temptainer food transport trolleys. When you choose a Temptainer food transport trolley, you get many benefits

  • Even temperature maintenance
  • Hygienic cabinet that is easy to clean
  • Stainless steel (robust and durable)
  • Climate smart (Long lifetime and low energy consumption)
  • Hot, cold or neutral (combine in one trolley)
  • Easy to transport (easy rolling wheels)


You can also equip your Temptainer with additional accessories such as

  • Vertical driving handles
  • Central brake
  • Outdoor wheels

Temptainer carpet transport trolleys are available in three different designs:

Basic trolley with one compartment. The transport trolley is available in different sizes. With cold, heat or as neutral.

Food transport trolley with double compartments in a stack. The trolley makes it possible to transport cold and hot food together. Available in different variants and sizes.

Carpet transport trolley with double compartments, side by side. The compartments can be combined in any way. Combine cold and hot holding or choose only heat, cold or neutral. Available in different variants and sizes.