Lifting trolleys

Lifting and moving is one of the most common and stressful chores in offices, factories, hospitals, department stores, workshops, shops, warehouses, schools. With our lifters, you can do the job easily, safely, ergonomically and economically. We also have a wide range of tools to handle different lifting tasks.

Lifting trolley Newton 50

Our smallest but still strong lifting trolley for handling goods up to 50 kg. Small and flexible and suitable for lifting assistance in confined spaces. Swedish made.

Lifting trolley Newton 150

A versatile and reliable lifting trolley suitable for the most demanding environments and industries. Can handle goods up to 150 kg. Swedish made.

Lifting trolley Reflex 75 IP 54

Stainless steel alternative of lift for slightly more demanding environments. IP 54 rated. Lifts up to 75 kg. Max lifting height 1735 mm.

Newton lifting

Painting your lift

Now you can paint your lift in your company color. Or if you just want to spruce it up anyway. Contact us at Hallins for more information.

Hallin's own range - Newton - gives you high quality and durable lifting trolleys

We have lifting trolleys that can handle from 50 kg up to 250 kg. Regardless of light or heavy lifting, there are many advantages to a lifting trolley.

Ergonomic lifting trolleys you can rely on!
Newton brand lifting trolleys provide you with a perfect combination of ergonomics, safety and functional design. Lifting mechanisms and cables are well protected and the simple controls are located at a comfortable working height. Soft shapes and high-quality materials make the lift trolley easy to handle and easy to keep clean.

Lifting trolleys can be used for many things
Many work-related injuries have been caused by heavy, repetitive lifting and torque. With a lifting trolley you can reduce the amount of lifting and save your back. But it is not only for the purpose of facilitating lifting that a lifting trolley can be used. In clinical settings where human contact poses a high risk of contamination and bacteria, a lifting trolley can replace a human hand.

Assembly, repair and production often require a lot of heavy lifting. Using a lifting trolley makes the work less physically demanding, while reducing the risk of accidents.

In a pharmacy, there is a lot less lifting involved in filling, retrieving and returning medicine packs to their boxes. It's easier to work from an ergonomic height and it saves on shoulders and back.

Every day, a grocery store picks a lot of goods. The weight of the goods varies. Sometimes it's fruit and vegetables, sometimes canned goods. Reducing the lifting effort with a lifting trolley improves the working environment for your store employees.

Car tires are heavy and in this industry, lifting carts are a must. Choose a stable and sturdy lift truck that you can rely on!

In healthcare, labs and research, the demands on lifting trolleys are greater. Newton offers a stainless steel lifting trolley that can withstand the effects of chemicals and works in a clinical environment.

A lifting trolley can be used for a lot of things and is not limited to the above industries. Contact us to know more about our Newton lifting trolleys and what you can use them for!