Products and services

Camtread bar tray

Classic durable bar tray. Non-slip surface keeps items in place. Made of thick fiberglass construction that withstands years of wear and tear under normal use. 5-year warranty.

Tray Century

Wood fiber tray, made of high performance polyester for intensive use. Resistant to scratches, stains and chemicals. Dishwasher safe. Available in several sizes and colors. 5 years warranty.

GN canteen, Polypropylene

Drainage shelf to keep food fresh for longer as extra liquid collects at the bottom of the canteen. Available in several sizes. BPA free.

GN canteen, Camwear

Store, transport and serve in the same mold. Made from virtually indestructible Camwear which ensures the product will not crack, break, or dent. Withstands temperatures between -40° to +99°C.

Flat lid for GN canteen, Camwear

Flat transparent lid made of virtually indestructible material that ensures the product will not crack, break or dent. Available in several sizes.

Lid with handle for GN canteen, Camwear

Transparent lids with handles designed to fit Camwear canteens. Made from virtually indestructible material ensuring the product will not crack, break or dent. Available in several sizes.

GN canteen, Camview

Canteen excellent for storage, preparation and display. The Camview molds are made of a BPR-free material that is transparent, stain resistant and can withstand temperatures between -40° to +71°C. Available in several sizes.